Infrared Temperature Gun: Where Is It Advisable To Measure Temperature From


Infrared Temperature Gun Where Is It Advisable To Measure Temperature From?: Temperature checking is one of the many common incentives imposed globally to determine COVID-19 infection among people. Temperature guns pointed at foreheads and wrists is a casual scene these days with many institutions finding the device essential in monitoring the spread of the virus.

It is generally uncomfortable for anyone to have a gun pointed at their forehead, regardless of the type of gun. However, at these desperate times, the global population has no option but to allow their temperatures to be measured. Although it is advisable to check people’s heat conditions, are contactless thermal scanners being pointed at the right target area? And if they are, do they collect accurate heat measurements?

Is It Safe to Measure Temperature from the Forehead

Non-contact thermometer guns are functioned to measure temperature from a distance. It reduces the spread of bacteria and diseases causing pathogens, including viruses such as COVID-19. It collects temperature data from the heat emitted from the forehead or the wrist. If the figure goes above the normal body temperature(37.2°C), the color on the gun screen turns red meaning the person possibly has a fever.

There have been claims that pointing a thermometer gun repeatedly at the forehead can cause chemical radiation and affect glands beneath the skin. Several people are saying it is safer to use thermal scanners at the wrist than the head area. Around social media platforms, numerous people are strongly suggesting infrared thermal scanners are bad for human health. Nevertheless, various doctors and medical officers are disputing those remarks.

Dr Haris Sair, a specialist from the University of Hopkins School of medicine, spoke about how baseless the concern for the effects of the thermometers is. He said, “ Nothing is happening between the thermometer and pineal gland.” Generally, medical experts are calling out the absurd remarks that temperature gun scanners pointed at the forehead is unhealthy.

Tim Robinson, the marketing Vice President of a thermometer gun retail company from Utah called Thermoworks, stated that claims made against the guns are mostly misconceptions. He said the perception of the gun sending waves that bounce back from the head surface is untruthful. He added that the scanner only catches light waves and doesn’t emit anything.

Forehead vs Wrist: Where are the Results More Accurate

Dr Hisham Abdullah, an Indian health director-general said temperature measured from the forehead is more accurate than the wrist. He added that the accuracy of measurements taken from other parts of the body like the hand might be inaccurate. However, certain factors like makeup, drug influence and stress can result in wrong readings taken from the forehead. Whether sweat plays a role in the scans is also yet to be determined. For that matter, health experts advise people to try considering having temperature checked from the wrist if those factors are in play to produce more accurate and reliable readings.


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