Solve.Care with a 360 Change To Healthcare


Solve.Care is a healthcare platform built on blockchain technology that began to make healthcare largely more efficient. It has provided services for administration, healthcare providers, patients, insurers, and other crucial members of the healthcare ecosystem by ensuring accountability and providing the best services possible by each member. 

What Has Solve.Care Provided?

Blockchain technology enables Solve.Care to change the face of administration using a care wallet, established systems to ensure their data security, and allow transparency. Furthermore, having their efficient coin to run the exchange and reimburse providers. Despite offering all these benefits, they aim to grow in the future to improve how healthcare is received and delivered significantly.

Decentralized finance in healthcare has become an important goal for Solve.Care at the moment, and they strive to make strides in teaching the various aspects, however long it will take them. There are numerous loopholes in the healthcare system that are ailing how healthcare is received. The first step to solving the problem is cutting out the middlemen and giving all relevant members a chance to have transparency. 

To establish a sustainable decentralized finance system in healthcare, Solve.Care is seeking the advice of lawyers, doctors, software engineers, financial specialists, and other professionals to help in decision making for the project’s progress.

Solve.Care’s Plans 

Solve.Care has excellent plans in the healthcare system, primarily using decentralized finance. A few aspects they are focused on are financing various aspects of health that have become a problem and has led to significant losses and debt experienced in the healthcare system.

Another aspect they are firmly aimed at playing a big part in is the leasing of medical items that use up plenty of the finances put in medical care. The last few are the information technology of it all and ensuring the safety of data throughout the systems and accessibility of the data and even data across the world and access to healthcare even remotely.

How Far Have They Gotten?

It would be unfair not to mention how to Solve.Care has established a sustainable telehealth and telemedicine system, putting its best foot forward and using blockchain technology to make it the best platform for providing services safely and efficiently. They have worked extremely hard to put almost all healthcare providers on their platform, solving a problem expected with many of the companies that offer telehealth services. Their wholesome way of taking care of administration concurrently patients and health professionals and relating other relevant departments has put them above every other telehealth platform.

Most recently, Solve.Care has partnered with an Oracle company, Chainlink, to give the best healthcare to their members. The company offers smart contracts in decentralized finance. It ensures that the information within any particular platform is kept safe, accessible to all, and is of the best quality while offering various choices. The system is set to give the patients accurate information,  the providers the most efficient solution, the financial beneficiaries the information on the most appropriate way to deal with the system itself, and the best way to achieve decentralized finance. It will do so by offering a learning curve for all the members involved.

The platform is working on developing a token for governance and opening up a financing pool, which will both work to create a better functioning system in decentralized healthcare and other related sectors. The token for governance will be used to set aside the system’s ways of functioning and how much of the processes will progress, while the decentralized pool will work to give financing for assets, products, and services.

The Ordinary Person’s Place

The consumer, in which case is the patient here, can take an active part in the financing pool using a part of the way the pool dynamics are intended to work where a consumer can place amounts of finance in the device or equipment area for profit. 

Solve.Care has managed to create a model with a section using devices and equipment; however, they plan to expand to other medically relevant areas such as drugs, research, and other regions. It seems to be the most prominent way an individual can be a part of it apart from the general membership into the company wallets and card.


The benefits are endless with blockchain technology and decentralized finance in healthcare and will be clear once Solve.Care completes its plans. Telehealth has enabled access to healthcare already; some of the next steps the platform is offering is to build on the telehealth section of the forum. 

Pradeep Gael, the CEO of Solve.Care, was in an interview with Jeff and Dave around the block and described some of the benefits to be experienced by the provider and the patients who are all bound to gain convenience and efficiency. Providers will be reimbursed appropriately, patients will get reduced prices for services, and there will be significant savings for the whole healthcare sector.

A New Age of Health with Solve.Care 

Solve.Care is one of the very first platforms to offer a variety of services in the health system. Besides, they are making active strides to provide the most out of the services and to avail themselves despite blockchain technology being taken up very slowly even though it has benefits. 

The plans that Solve.Care has and what they are currently doing is revolutionary, and it will take away all the issues associated with the traditional system of financing. The whole world is watching and waiting to see how far they can go and the effectiveness of each of the steps they take as trendsetters of decentralized finance in healthcare.


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