Solve.Care Officially Combines Its Services with The Blockchain Research Institute


On Jan 14, The Solve Care announced its newly acquired membership to the Blockchain Research Institute(BRI). Solve.Care, the healthcare technology platform that uses blockchain technology, has joined BRI to improve the depths at which it provides healthcare through blockchain.

The healthcare platform will join a group of 60 blockchain platforms worldwide to develop ways to exercise blockchain technology proficiently. The institutions will share knowledge and expertise on blockchain matters, aiming for a better service provision to their customers.

Solve Care Unlocks a New Era in Healthcare Provision

The platform aims to provide exceptional healthcare services to the convenience of patients. Solvecare uses blockchain technology to address redundancies facing the healthcare industry. They not only want to provide quality services but also increase the accessibility of health services.

BRI’s Co-founder and Executive Chairman, Don Tapscott, expressed his delight on Solve.Care joining the institute. “We are always pleased to work with organizations like Solve.Care, who are standing at the forefront of digital transformation in healthcare and patient care delivery.” he praised the move at the press release.

Mr Tapsott said the emergence of technologies such as blockchain spells a new era in healthcare services provision.

During the press release, Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Goel said that problems within the healthcare sector are not getting any fewer as the fight against COVID-19 continues. He added that sharing ideas and working together is probably the best way to find a solution to any problem. Goel continued to say the collaboration will inspire blockchain users to answer the many problems facing the world at large.

“The Solve.Care team is delighted to join BRI as an official member and take the next crucial step in furthering our goal of redefining healthcare and achieving better services and outcomes for everyone.”

Solve. Care’s Steps Towards Improving Healthcare Services

The platform recently introduced its Global Telehealth Exchange(GTHE), a service that helps patients from all parts of the world access healthcare services. The exchange uses Solve. Care’s native token, known as SOLVE, The array of recent new products released by the platform, illustrates how much the company is taking healthcare provision seriously.

Solve.Care has also made moves to safeguard business owners and their employees from health issues following the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform developed Team.Care network is a workforce management tool that oversees workers’ health management, regardless of whether they are working on grounds or remotely. 


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