Quality of Happy Belly and Essentia Water put at test


The use of water is not limited to drinking, as every person needs water for several vital day-to-day life activities.

And purchases of mineral water bottles are every day; we trust these water brands that we’re getting safe drinking water, and there is nothing to worry about as these companies get their license after passing various checks. Still, unfortunately, that’s not the case always.

The news of water companies having toxins and microplastics in their water is not so new. Like other organizations, Mason’s Study also tracked down plastics in bottled water. They tested 11 plastic bottles brought from the most popular brands. And all samples had varied amounts of plastics, but the average rate was 325 microplastics per litre of bottled water. So when it comes to purchasing water, you need to know what you are paying for.


Is Happy Belly Safe for You?

Happy belly water brand is one of 24 brands that amazon owns, including Pinzon, Presto, Mama Bear, and other food items, claiming that they provide the safest water ever to consumers.

Our experts performed a water testing experiment, and the level of chemicals in the water proved that Happy Belly gets water sourced from the ground, pours it in plastic bottles, puts a cap on it, and shipped them to market. They don’t bother passing it through any purification and distillation process.

Not just this, but the happy belly also has an acidic PH level. It has 6.0 PH, while the average water pH level is 7.


Chemicals Found In Happy Belly:

  • Total Hardness- 25
  • Free chlorine- 0.5
  • Iron- 0
  • copper- 0 to 3
  • MPS- 0
  • Nitrate- 0
  • Nitrite
  • Flouride- 10
  • Free Chlorine- 0.5
  • Alkalinity- 40
  • Bromine- 0
  • Carbonate- 0
  • PH Level- 6.0



Is Essentia Water Best Purified Water In the Market?

Essentia is Washington-based supercharged ionized alkaline water owned by Nestle Brand. The company claims that driven by passion and purpose, Essentia water gives immediate vigorous ionized hydration and undergoes a proprietary ionization process. And provide the market with various Essentia water bottles, which are recyclable, BPA-free plastic bottles.

The company claimed that it has a 9.5 PH Level, and it contains electrolytes for taste. Unfortunately, this statement is quite contrary to what our water testing experimental result shows.


Chemicals Found In Essentia Water:

  • Total Hardness- 25
  • Free chlorine- 0
  • Iron- 0
  • copper- 1
  • MPS- 1
  • Nitrate- 0
  • Nitrite
  • Total Chlorine- 0.5
  • Alkalinity- 40
  • Bromine- 0
  • Carbonate- 40
  • PH Level- 6.0 to 6.4


On The Closing Note:

Water is the essential thing for the survival of human beings, 70% of our body consists of water. We prefer buying bottled water from different companies, and the purpose of these companies is to provide safe drinking water to the general public at a low cost. But when it comes to safety and low price, facts are quite contrary.

If you prefer spending money on plastic bottled water, you like knowing every brand’s facts. Plastic bottles are made up of polyethene terephthalate (PET), plastic leech chemicals into the water, leading to several health issues like gastric illness, cancer, and death in severe cases.

That’s not the end, but the whole life cycle of bottled water uses fossil fuels which contribute to global warming and causes pollution in the environment.