Proposed Bill Offers Reprieve for War Veterans


About 3.5 million U.S veterans are suffering from exposure to either toxic fumes or carcinogens during the time spent in service. War veterans may be regarded as heroes, but there are very few services showing appreciation for heroism. 

Their sufferings are usually overlooked and are expected to prove a correlation between their condition to service. As this has become somewhat a norm, the situation is about to change due to a new bill. 

When people enlist as soldiers to fight in wars, they usually have no idea what is in store for them from a health perspective. The physical wounds and death may be expected, but other conditions did not manifest until years after retiring from service. During their peacekeeping missions, these soldiers get exposed to various chemicals, most toxic and carcinogenic. 

The Possible Solutions from The Veterans’ Bill

The proposed bill aims to eliminate a veteran’s “burden of proof’ when linking their conditions to military service exposure. Senators Kristen Gillibrand, Marco Rubio, and veterans advocate John Stewart are among those who announced the bill. They say that when the bill is adopted into legislation, it will help service members who battle cancer, respiratory conditions, and auto-immune disease due to exposure to toxins and burn pits.

According to Stewart, most veterans suffer due to their inability to prove causation. He says.

 “If you have a toxic wound – And I am telling you, the toxic wounds are as real as any physical wound that you get from the war – They don’t know what to do with you. And you have to spend your time when you come back home, as a defendant in a trial for your own health care.”

 With the new legislation, veterans will have their cases argued to enable them to seek carefreely.

Role of Personal History in Health

The medical conditions that people suffer from arise from a particular set of circumstances. The neighborhood one lives in dictates the physical conditions of their environment. If one lives in areas with inadequate housing, they are exposed to different conditions such as asbestos, mold, lead paint, and damp conditions leading them to develop respiratory related-illnesses.

Besides, an individual’s activities will influence their healthy lifestyle. The diet can play an impact on health. For instance, vegetarians and meat-eating people will be exposed to different substances in their diet. However, some conditions affect a person due to their occupation, which happens to be the case for war veterans. 

Failing to provide quality care to the veteran is like punishing them for choosing their careers. Hopefully, the bill will develop into law, and the necessary authorities will take up measures to implement it.