Is Aquafina Water Good for Your health?



When you are drinking from any plastic bottled water, you are drinking more than just water.

A study by “Orb Media” revealed that the most popular purified water brands like Aquafina, Nestle pure life, Evian and Dasani have tens to thousands of microplastics and other harmful chemicals disperse in them.

The thickness of these microplastics matches that of human hair. And Scientists are still unable to answer the fact, that how can they affect human health?

But the fact we all are drinking impure water supplied by purified bottled water brands is well supported by research. “Orb”- a non-profit journalism organization performed its experiment at the labs of the Fredonia State University of New York. It collected 259 water bottles acquired from 19 different places in nine different countries around the globe.

Their research provided evidence that if we drink water from a 1-liter water bottle, we intake almost 10.4 microplastics not knowing.

When Aquafina was tested, researchers found that Aquafina has acidic PH. Though it’s not harmful to drink slightly acidic water, as we commonly eat slightly acidic fruits and food. But drinking slightly acidic water is not preferable for your health in the long run. So, it’s better to choose water with neural or basic PH levels.


Aquafina’s Consistent Claim:

Despite acidic PH and the presence of the microplastic companies, the consistent claim is that they produce unflavored products, obtained from municipal tap water. And it undergoes a purification process that incorporates ‘reverse osmosis’, ultraviolet sterilization, and numerous other purification systems.

Supporting the fact that Aquafina water is safe to drink its manufacturer, PepsiCo, Spokeswoman stated “if this helps clarify the fact that the water originates from public sources, then it’s a reasonable thing to do.”



Chemicals and Minerals Aquafina Water Contain:

  • Free Chlorine- 0.5
  • Iron- 0
  • Copper- 0.5 to 1
  • Lead- 0
  • Nitrate- 0
  • Nitrite- 0
  • Total Chlorine- 0.5
  • Bromine- 1
  • Alkalinity- 40


Final Words:

ABC News published an article reporting that PepsiCo admitted that Aquafina water is sourced from tap water. So, to spend money on bottled tap water, prefer drinking tap water, which is actually completely free.

60% of the human body is composed of water, everybody cell including muscle cells and brain cell (70% consist of water). So, it’s crucial for us to drink plenty of water like drinking 8 glasses of water or more glass per day.

Though the market is full of a great many water brands and tap water is still, by far, the best and safest water to drink. If the tap water in your area is not polluted by chemical industry waste or other pollutants, get it. As it’s the most natural, neutral water you could ever have.