Is Alkaline 88 Water and Tap Water Trustworthy?



An act named “Safe drinking water act (SDWA)” was established in United Nations to protect the quality of water and is responsible for collecting data on water quality and share it with consumers and “Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)”. And its main focus is on the safety of water used for drinking, but have they indeed succeeded in protecting water quality?

So far, you surely had heard different rumours about the safety and purity of water. But have you ever wondered that tap water or any bottled water brand is good for your health and trustworthy?

Some people believe alkaline 88 Water is the best brand of water you can ever buy, as it slows down the ageing process, and maintains the body’s PH at an average level, and is responsible for preventing chronic diseases like cancer, but is Alkaline88 safe to drink and rely on?


If You Drink Alkaline 88, Why You Should Worry?

The Alkaline Water Company Inc. is the owner of premium bottled alkaline water under the brand name Alkaline 88. And the company claims that its water undergoes electrolysis, water treatment processes, and reverse osmosis. Thus, it manufactures safe, healthy, and purified water. But unfortunately, their statements are contrary to what water testing results showed.

The Alkaline in brand name Alkaline 88 refers to the basic PH level of water. They claim to supply water of 8.8 PH level as also labelled on their plastic water bottles, but water testing shows PH of 6.0, acidic PH.

But some supporters of Alkaline88 are consistently claiming that water PH level is not the issue, and Alkaline88 can be helpful in some instances.

But a recent study showed that 100 people were tested for drinking acidic water after exercise, and their blood viscosity was more than ordinary circumstances. So how could your body tolerate intaking acidic water or any acidic food?

And even if alkaline water is providing raw water, then alkalinity more than required can cause gastrointestinal issues, weaken the immune system, and causes skin irritation and the following mentioned symptoms.

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Hand tremors
  • Muscle twitching
  • Confusion


Chemicals found in Alkaline88:

  • Total Hardness- 20 to 25
  • Free Chlorine- 0
  • Iron- 0
  • Ammonia chloride- 100
  • Bromine- 2
  • Alkalinity- 40
  • PH Level- 6.0


Is Tap Water Safe to Drink?

The quality and safety of tap water vary from area to area you live in. Different types of water tasted from other locations showed different results. The purity and safety of tap water depend upon pollutants and toxins present in your groundwater area and water supply sources, making tap water more contaminated water and dangerous for health.


Chemicals found in Tap Water:

  • Total Hardness- 120
  • Free Chlorine- 1
  • Iron- 0
  • Copper- 3
  • Fluoride- 10
  • Ammonia chloride- 100
  • Bromine- 1
  • Alkalinity- 40
  • PH Level- below 6.0


Bottom Line:

Water is the necessity of life; you need water not just for drinking but for every day-to-day activity of your life. So whichever water brand, tap water, or boiling water you choose, look for a consumer confidence report (CCR), or you can say a drinking water quality report.

It’s the right of consumers to ask for CCR as they are paying heavy prices to water brands. Learn the facts behind the quality and purity of water and decide the best water to provide the best health benefits to your family.