Effective Nutraceuticals to Deal with Mycotoxins:

Mycotoxins Nutraceuticals
Mycotoxins Nutraceuticals

What are Mycotoxins?

Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites produced by fungi and can be found in food products. Molds grow commonly on crops and other food stuffs. Effects of mycotoxins on animals and humans is lethal.

They are capable of causing disease and death in animals and humans. But on the contrary some mycotoxins produced substances used as drugs and growth stimulator useful for organisms.

Several thousands of fungi are identified so far but most dangerous for humans and animal health are these types of mycotoxins, aflatoxins, ochratoxin A, patulin and deoxynivalenol don. Molds appear in human foods as a result of mold growth on crops both before and after harvest.

Wide range of mold growth is very common in homes and environment where there is low temperature and moisture. Aflatoxin contamination is common health hazard for United States.

Mycotoxins Symptoms:

Toxin produced can cause deadly serious health effects. Mold toxicity do not seem as harmful as it is. You may not think of much, noticing black mold spots around your home or office but if you and your family is having lingering cold, cough, flu-like symptoms, then mold is the culprit.

Mold production is associated with multiple long term health disorders. Certain food and drug administration assists in relieving severe symptoms.

Breathing issue:

Molds enter your lungs through nasal tract and causes allergies and irritation resulting in difficulty in breathing. Longer exposure to molds can result into asthma, bronchitis and numerous other respiration disorders.

Skin Problems:

Skin is the largest organ of body, and the first one to come in contact with fungi. Dryness, itching and flakes on skin shows mold illness. And in severe condition, hives or rashes results due to inflammation taking place throughout body as a result of mycotoxin production in human body.

Sensation of pins and Needles:

Exposure to molds can cause numbness and tingling sensation in feet and hands. Commonly pins and needles sensation results when you have feet and hand in awkward position, indicating compression of nerve and loss of nerve transmission. But it can also result due to mycotoxin contamination.

Digestive Disorders:

Effects of mycotoxin includes loss of appetite that occasionally results into excessive weight loss. And loss of appetite, or eating at irregular routine can cause digestive tract illness. Toxicity can cause systemic inflammation, thus worsening digestive tract condition.


Toxic illness causes numerous mental issues, like depression, insomnia, anxiety and memory loss. Mental issues can be the direct result of toxicity and its indirect cause could be stress of dealing with physical toxic symptoms.

What are Nutraceuticals?

Nutraceuticals are healthy food components that act as biological therapist. And they are well-known for their potential nutritional, safety and therapeutic effects. They are products like vitamins, dietary fibers, herbal extracts, carotenoids, prebiotics and probiotics that assists in health promotion and well-being of humans by prevention and treatment of disease.

Term nutraceutical refers to hybrid of ‘nutrition’ and ‘pharmaceutical’. It plays important part in maintaining and enhancing physical and biological functions of human’s body by acting as natural medicine. they help prevent any disease and malignant process.

A wide range of nutraceuticals has shown huge progress in boosting immune system while on the other hand few are well-known for causing disease in animal and humans. Few of those disease is stress, Alzheimer’s, numerous cardiovascular problems, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, worsen eye condition, and cause obesity.

Nutraceutical that kill molds in your gut:

Mold bio toxins continues to reproduce tiny pores in the air you breath, invisible to naked eye, and they goes undetected by immune system thus causing serious hazards.

Though eating contaminated food or you say moldy food is not the only reason of mold illness. But following functional food can help you reduce your symptoms and helps your body heal naturally.

  • Eat double the amount of vegetables, prefer using detox veggies in your food, to boost body detoxifying function.
  • Eating healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil, salmon, organic butter and Ghee (classified butter) is most important in prevention and treatment of mycotoxin contamination.
  • Using meat, poultry and eggs that are humanly raised without using antibiotics and hormones can help recover fast as they all are rich in amino acids.
  • Start eating a lot of fruits from today, especially the ones with low sugar content, such as berries.
  • Add avocado and fish in your diet schedule for fast recovery and use dietary supplements as well.
  • Herbs like basil, thyme, and cilantro, vitamin mineral herb provides effective treatment against molds.


Food you need to avoid:

If you are suffering from severe toxic effects or are allergic to them, you immediately need to minus following food from your diet schedule as they can lead to chronic diseases.

  • Dairy milk
  • Processed food
  • Dried fruits
  • Gluten
  • Processed meat
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine


Can Meditation help?

Mold illness can be stressful thus it emotionally toils on you. Toxic mold exposure can cause mental effects such as bad mood swings, depression, anxiety, insomnia and memory loss.

Meditation for just 10 minutes on regular basis can help you reduce mental symptoms. Just take few minutes from your day and focus on your breathing and try to calm your mind. Avoid super complex meditation tips.

Use of Nasal Lavage can help?

If you are facing mold toxicity, pick up a nasal lavage from your nearby pharmacy as soon as possible. Nasal Lavage provides great help with nasal symptoms caused by molds.

Nasal Lavage involves use of saline (salt water) to rinse your nose that provides help you with nasal irritation.

How to Rid your home from Mycotoxin?

A study by Centre for disease control and prevention reveals that mold is very common in food products, homes and buildings. They grow anywhere where there is humidity. Here are numerous ways to reduce the risk of mold growth in homes and environment.


  • Dry wet areas of your house on regular basis.
  • Proper ventilation is crucial.
  • Use mold resistant products regularly.
  • Make sure to monitor temperature and humidity indoor.
  • Prefer planting mold off plants in your home to get rid of molds from your environment.
  • Fix water leaks
  • Use fans to circulate air in wet area.
  • Clean areas regularly that are rich in humidity.


World’s worst places to live if you suffer mold toxicity:

Molds loves to grow on warm and damp environment. And they spread in surroundings speedily by using air as their medium. Children’s and people suffering from Asthma are more likely to be allergic to aflatoxins.

Most recent studies suggest no link between mold growth and geographical area. But Quest Diagnostics completed a study of people suffering from mold allergies. That suggest huge connection between mold growth and geographical areas.

Worst cities to live in:

Although mold present in homes, offices and all other buildings is very common. But highest percentage of mold allergic patients is found in following cities.

  1. Dallas-21%
  2. Riverside-San Bernardino-20%
  3. Phoenix-19%
  4. Los Angeles-17%
  5. Chicago-17%
  6. Minneapolis-Saint Paul-16%
  7. Saint-Louis-16%
  8. Denver-16%
  9. Kansas City-16%
  10. San Antonio-15%

Worst States to live in:

Considering data collected by Quest Diagnostics following are three states well-known for mold contamination.

  1. Texas: It has two cities in the top 20 countries list that are high on mold count, ranked 1st and 2nd.
  2. Ohio: It has two cities in the top 20, ranked 8th and 10th
  3. California: It has 4 cities from the top 20 country considered worst for mold allergy sufferers.


 On the Closing Note:

Educate yourself about your regions climate as there is no one perfect solution when discussing mold toxicity. Knowing what works best for your home and environment is the best option to prevent effects of mycotoxins. Make sure to wear pollen mask when going to any area where mold counts are high. If not necessary, prefer not going to pollen rich areas.