Does Fiji water and Smartwater contains minerals?


We all have heard that water containing more minerals is much healthier for you. And bottled water contains more minerals than tap water. But minerals are all that bottled water contains?

Water brand companies label their water as a water superior for hydration and the best mineral water to provide health benefits. And in this advanced era, you still buy those statements from different water brand companies? If yes, then let us help you understand the truth by sharing research-based facts.

Scientists proved that natural water contains the exact right amount of minerals required for your body’s rehydration. But if you suffer from dehydration after exercise or scorching weather, you can use minerals added water. Unfortunately, studies further proved that most purified water brands do not just contain minerals but microplastics and harmful chemicals.


Is Fiji Water Good for You?

Fiji water was founded in 1996 with the desire of sharing earth’s finest water with the world. Fiji water is a distilled water brand derived, bottled, and shipped from Fiji, and the water comes from an artesian aquifer in Viti Levu hence also named artesian water.

Fiji is the number one bottled water brand in the United Nations and famous in over 60 countries. Fiji’s popular slogan is “perfected by nature, untouched by man” unless you open its cap, but are you sure that’s the whole truth, and it’s safe?

Studies proved that Fiji is well known for its smooth taste and premium price but not better than other water brands and tap water.


Chemicals found in Fiji Water:

  • Water hardness- 120 to150
  • Free Chlorine- 0
  • Iron- 0
  • Copper- 1
  • Lead- 0
  • Total Chlorine- 0
  • Ammonia Chloride- 100
  • Bromine- 1
  • Alkalinity- 120
  • Carbonate- 40
  • Ph 7.3- 8.2


Why is Smartwater Not Smart?

Glaceau Smartwater is a premium branded, high-priced water brand owned by Coca Cola company. It undergoes a purification process, distillation, and reverses osmosis to remove minerals and ion exchangers, but it still had some minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride, and carbonate.

Studies revealed a hard fact about the water brand of Coca-Cola company that it is tap bottled water. But, like PepsiCo water company, Coca-Cola is also supplying tap water with a Smartwater price tag attached.

Despite using highly innovative purification plants, plastic bottle manufactured by Coca-Cola company is single-use plastic, which has a devastating and discouraging effect and causes microplastics to get absorbed in water from the plastic bottle covering and cap.



Chemicals tested in Smartwater:

  • Total hardness- 0
  • Copper- 0.5
  • lead- 0
  • nitrate- 0
  • Iron- 0
  • Alkalinity- 60
  • Carbonate- 10
  • PH Level- 0


Fiji Vs Smartwater:

  • Experts believe that Smartwater contains some extra sodium which is not suitable for your health. But Fiji contains no such harmful chemical as it comes directly from nature.
  • Fiji water comes from an artesian aquifer in Viti Levu, and SmartWater is vapour distilled.
  • Fiji water is expensive than SmartWater but is the all-time favourite water for consumers for its unique taste and because it is created by nature.
  • Fiji and SmartWater come in plastic bottles, which is a common worldwide issue.

The Bottom line:

Water is that crucial part of our life, without which we cannot survive a day. If you buy bottled water of any brand, look for ingredients mentioned on the bottle.

If it contains calories and sugar, avoid that drinking water. As sugar and carbohydrates can’t help you with your rehydration. They only serve the purpose of flavour; meanwhile, the best water for you is natural tap water.