A Women, fighting with stage 3 cancer, Body Shamed by Doctor

Colon Cancer Body shamed by doctors

“He said, ‘maybe it’s not such a bad thing’ that I couldn’t eat because of my pain,” Amanda Lee told TODAY health. “He was praising the fact that I was not eating.”

Amanda Lee is Los Angeles-based singer, actress and a photographer.

After months of severe pain and having other signs and symptoms of gastrointestinal distress, and tired of trying obsolete remedies with no success rate, 27-year-old Amanda Lee in February was at last comforted to see a gastroenterologist near her home in Los Angeles. Though, her comfort was short lived.

Lee go for this new gastroenterologist taking into consideration that he will listen to her illness unlike other doctors. Lee informed the doctor that she was unable to eat even routine food. Though, eating food as simple as apple puree was leaving her in severe sufferings.

To her shock, her doctor had the audacity to suggest it as a “blessing” for her, not a “matter of concern”. Her gastroenterologist was nothing more than a quack, who praise the fact that she couldn’t eat, as she was in so much stomach pain.

She described to gastroenterologist that her pain was severe enough that not even let her eat in peace and resulted in a swift and inexplicable 35-pound weight loss. But her doctor shrugged off her suffering by saying, “Maybe it’s not such a bad thing’ not to be able to eat”.

As consultation proceeded, the doctor asked Lee that she is listening to what he is saying or not. Lee responded at full tilt by saying, “No, I’m still caught up on the fact that you told me it’s OKAY to starve.”

After listening to Lee he said shamelessly “Well, you don’t look malnourished,” Lee recounted to TODAY health.

Persistent on his inaccurate diagnosis, Lee’s doctor refused to run any tests on her and instead wrote her a prescription for a urinary tract infection.

But Amanda Lee was sure that something was surely wrong with her. Lee left the appointment crying. Such attitude of doctors needs to be condemned as it leaves serious impacts on patient’s mental health.

Lee shared her all worse experience on a Tik-Tok video that racked up 550,000 plus views until now. She shoots her video after leaving her doctor’s clinic while sitting in her cars driving seat.

Lee was devastated for body shamed by her doctor. In her video she continued sobbing and continued saying repeatedly, “I am so upset” over and over.

As her video went viral, commenters encouraged her to see another doctor. And Lee succeeded in finding a new medical practitioner- a woman, Dr. Tahmina Haq-who was skilled enough to analyze Lee’s concerns accurately right away.

Dr. Tahmina Haq scheduled Lees colonoscopy without wasting further time but woefully reports showed large tumor in Lees colon that it turn out to be 3rd- Stage Cancer.

Cancer is uncontrolled and abnormal cell growth in any organ. Cancer cells can easily spread in other organs of body by traveling through blood.

Colon cancer is a condition that develops when abnormal cells or we can say cancer cells forms in large intestine that usually results due to eating disorder. Colon cancer has now become third largest type of cancer in United States.

Dr. Tahmina took step forward and scheduled clinical trial of Lee’s to analyze risk factors and to plan her cancer treatment. Now Lee is undergoing chemotherapy. And her doctor is analyzing further treatment options.

Amanda Lee after being diagnosed correctly, thanks her supporter who encouraged her to see another gastroenterologist. Furthermore, she encouraged others to advocate for themselves if they feel wronged in any circumstances.

Unfortunately, Amanda Lee is not the only adult female-neglected case, FOX Anchor-Lindy Thackston got her three appointments cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic and after cancer screening she was found to be suffering from stage 3a colon cancer.

Treatment for Colon Cancer:

Stage 3 colon cancer can easily spread to lymph nodes located nearby but luckily not to any other body organ.

In stage 3 colon cancer surgery is suggested to remove cancer part of colon and nearby lymph nodes (known as partial colectomy) along with adjuvant chemo standard treatment.

American cancer society is well-known for providing best services for the removal of stage 3 colon cancer.

Body shaming in our Society:

Colon Cancer Body shamed

Fat-shaming or you can say Body shaming manifests in our society more than ever and in multiple ways. Body shaming is becoming culture of our community.

We are often told to change our appearance just to appease others. Sometimes we are asked to lose fat or gain weight to fit in our so-called-society.

Few of the ways manifesting Body shaming are:

  • We criticize our own appearance.
  • We criticize others appearance.
  • We criticize others appearance without knowing their story.

No matter who criticize whom, fat-shaming or judging someone’s body type marks harsh consequences in society.

Woman body shamed more than man?

In this advance society no one is immune to body shaming. It’s hard to believe, though, but even the well-known Jason Momoa- star of “Aquaman” was body shamed.

Dr. Shobhana Mittal is a Delhi-based doctor. In his recent interview he said that we casually talk about woman body-image issues but man is increasingly becoming victims too. He further said that it’s a period when men’s body image and body shaming are becoming customary discourse.